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Change has come

Lenox Lounge

Lenox Lounge (Photo credit: joseph a)

Lots of changes in African-American neighborhoods in New York. Restaurants, stores, points of interest are disappearing. So sad. Restaurants/clubs that I grew up with in Harlem have closed. M&G’s Diner on the corner of West 125th Street and Morningside Ave is gone. Lenox Lounge is gone. More mainstream stores like H&M from downtown have moved in. For years, no one was interested in Harlem. It was left to its own resources. No more affordable housing. Condos in Harlem where I grew up are priced in the 7 figures. Stores are being priced out by rents that doubled and tripled when leases were up. And the landlords don’t care that they are shutting the doors on neighborhood icons. All about the Benjamins. Is this progress or genocide?


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Victorian Bed & Breakfast

Staten Island Ferry

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Here’s a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of midtown living.  Check out the Victorian Bed & Breakfast of Staten Island for your stay in New York City. Remember, we are talking about Nuggets in the Hood, little known places in New York’s different neighborhoods for a unique New York experience.

This elegant bed & breakfast, located on the North Shore of Staten Island in the town of West New Brighton, is a beautiful Italianate villa built back in 1846. It boasts original Victorian decor of circa 1860 including chandeliers and many pieces of furniture. Many prominent New Yorkers were entertained here including Edward G. Robinson, the actor who portrayed gangsters in many movies and a real gangster, Bugsy Siegel.

As a guest, you will enjoy warm hospitality and home cooking. There are two floors of bedrooms, two rooms with a bath on each floor and each morning you will awake to a hearty country breakfast served between 8am and 9:30am. Amenities include AC and ceiling fans, bathrobes, coffee/tea facilities, hair dryer, satellite/cable TV, radio, alarm clock and Internet.

The Victorian is open all year and requires a one night non-refundable deposit to hold a room. Restrictions are no smoking, no pets and the Victorian is not suitable for small children and handicapped persons.

Rates are single occupancy-between $85.00 and $90.00 (private bath), double occupancy-between $115.00 (shared bath) and $125.00 (private bath). Additional person $40.00.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by Danuta Gorlach, Innkeeper. Office hours are Monday-Sunday 8am to 10pm. Call 718-273-9861 or cell phone 347-733-5059 for information or reservations. You can also email Ms. Gorlach at

Victorian Bed & Breakfast is located at 92 Taylor Street, Staten Island, NY 10310. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a nice alternative for your business meeting. Be sure to say you heard about them from Nuggetsinthehood,


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Chelsea Piers

view of Chelsea Piers and Venus Mural

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Chelsea Piers is a 30 acre sports village offering activities for the entire family such as roller skating, bowling, golf, rock climbing, and dance just to name a few.

This is a year round complex so no matter what season of the year, you can find something to do for yourself and your family. The Piers opened in 1910 as a row of nine ocean liner piers. In the 1990s, Chelsea Piers was reborn when the restoration and revitalization of the Piers began. Now anyone can enjoy healthy, fun-filled recreation.

Other activities include a sailing school, The Spa at Chelsea Piers, dinner and jazz cruises year round and so much more. And you can always just sit and watch the traffic passing by on the river, from inside and outside.

Take advantage of this great resource. And have lots of fun.

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Classic Jazz

Broad and Market Streets, as seen from the Pru...

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Just came from a 5 hour jazz event in New Jersey that was wonderful. One of the groups has a weekly set in New York City that I wanted to share. This is the real deal, for the purists and those who really love good music.

Vince Giordano and His Nighthawks Orchestra

Sofia’s Restaurant (look for Club Cache downstairs at the Edison Hotel, every Monday and Tuesday, 8pm to 11pm, Doors open at 7pm.

221 W 46 Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue, New York City

$15 Cash Cover, $15 Food/drink minimum

For reservations, call 212-719-5799

Dining and Dancing to Music of the 1920s and 1930s


You will enjoy the music. I sure did!!!

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Let’s Eat

Restaurant Week starts today and runs through February 6. Please share info about restaurants, their menus, the decor, etc. I went to City Lobster on West 49th Street twice last year. Food was excellent. (Seafood of course). Only $25.00. If you Google Restaurant Week NYC, you’ll get the info.


Happy eating.

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Let’s get started

New York City Serenade

Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

How many of you have considered using an itinerary when you travel? You may not follow it totally but it is sometimes nice to know what’s on the agenda for a given day. That’s what we want to do for you here at Nuggets in the Hood. We are going to map out your visit to New York. Remember, this information is not just for visitors. It is a known fact that natives of a place know less about the attractions than visitors because they are around it all the time. It’s always, ‘I’ll get around to that on such and such date” and that date never arrives. (Won’t even tell you the places I have not seen.)

Don’t worry. None of this is written in stone so feel free to change it to fit what you want to do or see. This is just a guide, a framework to work within. Some of the categories we will cover for you are: places of worship, bed and breakfast/places to stay, boutiques, gift shops, beauty parlors/barber shops, day spas, restaurants, children/family activities, cultural events, clubs and entertainment.

Nuggets in the Hood will offer a week long and weekend itinerary for you so whether you are coming into New York from another borough or from another country, you will have an idea of where to go and what to see. The emphasis is on “Nuggets in the Hood”. There is more to New York than Manhattan and more to Manhattan than midtown. We want you to explore ALL of New York.

We certainly would like your feedback as this endeavor evolves. Feed free to comment on any place that is mentioned here. Feel free to offer suggestions of categories we should add. For example, if you eat at a certain restaurant and the food is fabulous, please tell us. Get the name of your waiter or waitress so we can give them a shout out. If the service at a particular bed and breakfast/hotel is extraordinary, please let us know. If a show is worth seeing, please say so. We will be sure to pass this information on but please, post comments right here on the blog so everyone can read them.

We are excited about Nuggets in the Hood and hope you are too. Please share this site with everyone. We want this to go around the world so everyone can see what we see in New York: there is No Place like New York.

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New York City Serenade

Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

Of course, I’m doing things in reverse. Anyone else ever get so excited about what they are doing that they jump right in before setting the foundation? That seems to be what I’ve done and I ask your indulgence.

I need to say that the New York City landscape changes almost daily. NUGGETS will make every attempt to publish up-to-date information but please be aware that stores close, places may relocate into other boroughs, attractions may be seasonal, websites shut down, phones get disconnected, etc.

We will provide you with as much information as we can to make your New York state-of-mind experience memorable. We advise that you check the information before going to an event or location.

As we begin this exciting journal, new posts will appear mid-week so you can prepare for your weekend. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get the information as it posts. Don’t want you to miss anything!

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Some history

A building of the Brooklyn Academy of Music in...

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I was so excited to start this blog, I neglected to give you some history about us. We began this project way back in the summer of 2001. As I said, the idea came from my friend and former co-worker, Robert Cornegy Jr. Immediately I thought it was a fabulous idea. He said the idea came to him when he traveled to various cities as a member of a basketball team. BTW, Rob is almost 7 feet tall and back then wore his hair in braids. Whenever he arrived at a city, he would look for the barber shops that knew how to care for his braids. He suggested we put together a guide that would contain the information a first time visitor would need. With the help of my daughter, the three of us got together to brainstorm what could be found in the “other” New York. That’s when the name hit me, NEW YORK ON THE FLIP SIDE, NUGGETS IN THE HOOD. This blog is called Nuggets in the Hood but the book will have the entire name.

I wanted Flip Side to be different from your average visitor’s guide. Don’t get me wrong. There are some excellent guides out there. The problem is they ignore most of the places you might want to visit if you knew they existed. New York is rich in culture and diversity. There are so many different people living here, many in their own little communities. Surely, you have heard of New York’s Chinatown, Little Italy or the Hispanic sections of Washington Heights. If you were Asian or Italian or from one of the Caribbean Islands, wouldn’t you want to visit that part of New York that you recognize as well as the usual attractions? That’s how this venture was born.

For instance, New York is well known for it’s theaters, particularly on Broadway. As a visitor to New York, you might be here to see a Broadway play, like FELA which is now starring Patti LaBelle, but as a lover of the arts, you might also want to know what is playing at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (B.A.M.) or the National Black Theater in Harlem. After shopping at Macy’s or on Fifth Avenue, you might want to check out B, The Brownstone (for women) or B Oyama, exclusive men’s store , both in Harlem or Nubian Heritage in Brooklyn and Queens. Instead of or in additional to the usual tours of New York, you could check out the Queens Jazz Trail which highlights the homes of jazz greats, the Braggin’ about Brooklyn tour for historical and cultural sites in Brooklyn, or the hop on, hop off Bronx Trolley cultural tour. Just a few examples of why this guide/blog is needed. And the other reason is so New Yorker’s will know what gems and nuggets they have in their own backyard. You’d be surprised how many New Yorker’s DO NOT know what they have here. Nuggets in the Hood hopes to shed some light on our treasures, not just for the visitors but also for ourselves.

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