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Best Beef Patties in Bed-Stuy

This may now be my all time favorite food ever...

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I heard that these are the BEST beef patties in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn for you non New Yorkers.) Here’s the thing. I need you to try them and report back to Nuggets in the Hood. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

New York City is the only city where finding a freshly made beef patty is not a rarity. In many parts of the country, people don’t even know what a beef patty is. (It’s like the bagel. ONLY IN NEW YORK!!!) So here’s the list from an article in the BED-STUY PATCH:


Island Taste at 1403 Fulton Street. The spicy filling is cooled down by the thick, harder crust.

West Indian Caterers at 321 Nostrand Avenue. Thick, soft and crumbly crust with a slightly sweet flavor. Filling is smooth and has a distinct savory taste that compliments the sweetness of the crust.

Rowe’s Restaurant at 310 Tompkins. Firm crust that is thick and bready with a warm, salty and spicy filling that oozes out of the patty when you bite into it.

Jamaican Way at 1557 Fulton Street. Huge patty with thin, crispy crust. Filling is soft and spicy.

Tastee Pattee at 1371 Fulton Street. Thin, flaky, buttery crust with a mildly seasoned filling that doesn’t overpower the crust.

Another place was mentioned in the article: Christie’s on Flatbush Avenue. They also have chicken and veggie patties as well as beef.

Recommended: eat these patties with coco bread. No better combination. Hat’s off to Jamaican food!


Don’t know about you, but I’m really hunger now. May have to go to Brooklyn to get a good meat patty.

Happy eating.



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