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Since we’re already walking

Brooklyn Bridge NY

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Since we’re already walking, why not walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? I did it several years ago when there was a blackout in New York and New Jersey. I was working in Brooklyn at the time, a short distance from the bridge. I had to make it to New Jersey and had heard that there was ferry service to Hoboken from lower Manhattan which was not where I was going but at least it was in Jersey. One of my co-workers also lived in Jersey so we walked together with hundreds of other folks trying to figure out how they would get home. It was summer which was good. Of course no one expected a blackout so neither of us had on walking shoes which was not good. By the time I got to Jersey by ferry, some service was slowly being restored. Had to wait in Hoboken on the train scheduled to go to Newark for an hour or so before that service was restored. Was thinking about walking up a dark stairwell to my 12th floor apartment but the blackout didn’t last that long in New Jersey and everything was working when I got home. Still, it was still a great walk and I’m going to incorporate it into my weight loss walking routine. Crisis brings out the best in New Yorkers.

The Brooklyn Bridge connects lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can access the pedestrian walkway from Brooklyn at Tillary/Adams Streets or a staircase on Prospect St between Cadman Plaza East and West. You can access the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side near City Hall Park at Park Row and Centre Street.

Nearest Subways to the Brooklyn Bridge:

To walk across the bridge from Manhattan, take the 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, N/R to City Hall or the 2/3 to Park Place. To walk across the bridge from Brooklyn, take the A/C to High Street or the 2/3 to Clark Street.

Brooklyn Bridge Hours & Admission:

The Brooklyn Bridge is open 24 hours. There is no charge for walking across and no toll if driving.

Brooklyn Bridge Official Website:

This enduring, historic monument is the southernmost of New York’s East River bridge crossings. With its Neo-Gothic towers, you can’t miss it — and neither have many artists over the years who have been inspired by its majesty, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Georgia O’Keefe and Walt Whitman.

Carefully cross the traffic pattern at either end of the bridge and make it to the pedestrian walkway, which is a boardwalk like no other. The planks that pattern the path lead you over the river and a memorable journey. Bring your camera because the views are stunning.

Let’s move!


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