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The King was here

Tuthankamen's famous burial mask, on display i...

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I know this is after the fact but I caught it just before it ended. I’m talking about the King Tut exhibit at the Discovery Center in Times Square. WOW! I missed it when the exhibit was here years back. There was a black and white film of when his tomb was discovered and color video of when they extracted DNA from his bones for testing. The mummy in the exhibit is a replica. The real King Tut will never leave Egypt. The artifacts were interesting and breath-taking. Even one of his chariots was on display. There is new speculation about how he died. His chariot is  not like the Roman chariots shown in films. In the Egyptian chariots, the person is standing on a metal strip and could easily fall off if the chariot hits a bump.

There are several theories about how King Tut died, one of which is that he fell off his chariot. New evidence says King Tut suffered a traumatic injury. Interesting. Not sure if the exhibit is headed back to Egypt or traveling here in the States again but it is definitely a Must See.


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