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New York City Serenade

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How many of you have considered using an itinerary when you travel? You may not follow it totally but it is sometimes nice to know what’s on the agenda for a given day. That’s what we want to do for you here at Nuggets in the Hood. We are going to map out your visit to New York. Remember, this information is not just for visitors. It is a known fact that natives of a place know less about the attractions than visitors because they are around it all the time. It’s always, ‘I’ll get around to that on such and such date” and that date never arrives. (Won’t even tell you the places I have not seen.)

Don’t worry. None of this is written in stone so feel free to change it to fit what you want to do or see. This is just a guide, a framework to work within. Some of the categories we will cover for you are: places of worship, bed and breakfast/places to stay, boutiques, gift shops, beauty parlors/barber shops, day spas, restaurants, children/family activities, cultural events, clubs and entertainment.

Nuggets in the Hood will offer a week long and weekend itinerary for you so whether you are coming into New York from another borough or from another country, you will have an idea of where to go and what to see. The emphasis is on “Nuggets in the Hood”. There is more to New York than Manhattan and more to Manhattan than midtown. We want you to explore ALL of New York.

We certainly would like your feedback as this endeavor evolves. Feed free to comment on any place that is mentioned here. Feel free to offer suggestions of categories we should add. For example, if you eat at a certain restaurant and the food is fabulous, please tell us. Get the name of your waiter or waitress so we can give them a shout out. If the service at a particular bed and breakfast/hotel is extraordinary, please let us know. If a show is worth seeing, please say so. We will be sure to pass this information on but please, post comments right here on the blog so everyone can read them.

We are excited about Nuggets in the Hood and hope you are too. Please share this site with everyone. We want this to go around the world so everyone can see what we see in New York: there is No Place like New York.


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  1. This is a very good Idea!
    I wish you luck and will spread the word
    about your new blog!!

    Comment by Angelena Morales | January 10, 2011 | Reply

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