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Some history

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I was so excited to start this blog, I neglected to give you some history about us. We began this project way back in the summer of 2001. As I said, the idea came from my friend and former co-worker, Robert Cornegy Jr. Immediately I thought it was a fabulous idea. He said the idea came to him when he traveled to various cities as a member of a basketball team. BTW, Rob is almost 7 feet tall and back then wore his hair in braids. Whenever he arrived at a city, he would look for the barber shops that knew how to care for his braids. He suggested we put together a guide that would contain the information a first time visitor would need. With the help of my daughter, the three of us got together to brainstorm what could be found in the “other” New York. That’s when the name hit me, NEW YORK ON THE FLIP SIDE, NUGGETS IN THE HOOD. This blog is called Nuggets in the Hood but the book will have the entire name.

I wanted Flip Side to be different from your average visitor’s guide. Don’t get me wrong. There are some excellent guides out there. The problem is they ignore most of the places you might want to visit if you knew they existed. New York is rich in culture and diversity. There are so many different people living here, many in their own little communities. Surely, you have heard of New York’s Chinatown, Little Italy or the Hispanic sections of Washington Heights. If you were Asian or Italian or from one of the Caribbean Islands, wouldn’t you want to visit that part of New York that you recognize as well as the usual attractions? That’s how this venture was born.

For instance, New York is well known for it’s theaters, particularly on Broadway. As a visitor to New York, you might be here to see a Broadway play, like FELA which is now starring Patti LaBelle, but as a lover of the arts, you might also want to know what is playing at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (B.A.M.) or the National Black Theater in Harlem. After shopping at Macy’s or on Fifth Avenue, you might want to check out B, The Brownstone (for women) or B Oyama, exclusive men’s store , both in Harlem or Nubian Heritage in Brooklyn and Queens. Instead of or in additional to the usual tours of New York, you could check out the Queens Jazz Trail which highlights the homes of jazz greats, the Braggin’ about Brooklyn tour for historical and cultural sites in Brooklyn, or the hop on, hop off Bronx Trolley cultural tour. Just a few examples of why this guide/blog is needed. And the other reason is so New Yorker’s will know what gems and nuggets they have in their own backyard. You’d be surprised how many New Yorker’s DO NOT know what they have here. Nuggets in the Hood hopes to shed some light on our treasures, not just for the visitors but also for ourselves.


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